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Looking for more customers? The best way to manage your business on the East London Business Directory is by claiming your Business Page and creating a business login. It’s a great way to engage with the East London Business Directory community.

After claiming your business page you'll be able to:

  • Select your top photos to showcase
  • Respond to reviews with a direct message or a public comment
  • Update your business name, category, and hours of operation
  • Keep your info up to date (address, phone, and more)
  • Upload documents, create latest news posts, events, jobs, deals & more
  • Add helpful links to your website, social media, booking platforms & more


Plus get access to these exclusive business tools


Give your customers the inside scoop.

Write tips, publish latest news or add your events to tell people what they should know about your business and keep them in the loop.


Reward your customers.

Offer specials and deals to thank customers for choosing to visit your business or utilizing its services.


Get to know your customers.

Use our built-in analytics and statistics to learn more about the customers coming to your business listing.


Your business is probably already on the East London Business Directory. Search for it now.

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