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Sundowners, A day out with friends, and to just enjoy a cold locally crafted one, East London's Brewery's is known for its craftsmanship and variety of crafted beers which will leave you with endless choices and tons of lagers to pilsners. If you are planning your next visit to a local Brewery, then we’ve got suggestions for you to check out the best Brewery's in East London and surrounding areas. These include the best places to try the finest craft beers, to enjoy a sindowner and more which they are in no particular order!

1) Table 58

Some rather resourceful businessmen began meeting on Friday evenings for drinks at an office adjacent to a premier restaurant on the beachfront of East London, South Africa, with a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. The restaurant, at that stage, had 57 tables. These gents, who had begun ordering their food and drinks from the restaurant, in a moment of true inspiration, persuaded the waiters to label their office “Table 58”, and so a legend was born.

They have members that are German and South African and now even have chapters meeting in UAE, Germany, Mozambique, Inndonesia and Italy. As they embrace technology and their WhatsApp group chats expand, the legend grows. Table 58, a true CONNECTION

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/iqSLECrWnfxs8PP98
Contact: 043 748 2815
Website: http://table58brewing.co.za/

2) Emerald Vale Brewing Company

Its rural setting and magnificent views host the Brewery buildings, Restaurant, Children’s play area, The Hops Shop with merchandise and milk shake bar.

The breweries initial 50 litre brewing system has been replaced with a 500 litre batch system capable of doing 12000 litres per month. We provide tours for min. 5 or more people. This 45 minute tour is followed up with a personal beer tasting explaining the intricacies of our Ales.

The restaurant boasts simple delicious wholesome homemade pub fair, kiddies menu, and a full bar.

Our establishment has been host to Weddings, Trail runs, X track races, Music Events, MTB , birthday parties and much more. Offering flexible packages from braai facilities with our famous self help outside beer tap to Ale Carte meals.

We also cater for Corporate, events and Team Building.

The child friendly environment is under constant improvement, with free Wi-Fi and milk shake bar for the teenagers and jumping castles trampoline and jungle gym for the younger kids. Every time you visit us there will be something new.

For those more energetic, walks, bird watching, trail runs, MTB rides and fishing are some of the farm activities that one can experience at your leisure.


Address: https://goo.gl/maps/1acGuPCwAA2u5rHc7​
Contact: 043 738 5397
Website: http://www.emeraldvale.co.za/